My Response To Casey Neistat’s Video

Julie Fleming

I have been watching vlogger Casey Neistat’s daily videos on YouTube consistently for about eight months now. I’ve laughed at him and his friend playing Pokémon, cried during the video of when his son when off to college, but I’ve never gotten angry. At least not until now.

On October 12, Casey released a video titled “who I’m voting for president,” which for the record isn’t even proper English. Pressing play, I hoped to hear a miracle, but I wasn’t shocked when the first words were, “Hillary Clinton, I will be voting for Hillary Clinton.”

In his past videos, Casey has explicitly said he doesn’t discuss politics on his channel, yet apparently he does.

Neistat doesn’t just encourage his viewers to vote in this election due to its importance, he only offers one option, to vote for Hillary.

It would be outrageous to look at both sides to weigh out the good and the bad, to look at multiple media sources to try and find some sort of balance from the biased liberal media.

Neistat proclaims that Trump is a “megalomaniac driven by nothing but ego, a man who cares exactly zero about the people of this country, a person who brags about sexually assaulting women, and shames others for the way they look;” however, Neistat doesn’t talk about the 16 crimes that Clinton has potentially committed, that she threatened the women her husband raped, that she let a rapist go to jail for only two months when he should’ve been locked up for life, and she laughed about it. She didn’t take responsibility for the lives that were lost in the Benghazi attacks and she allegedly sold uranium to Russia. These are just a few of the crimes that I know of. There are specific recordings of her, but the media will never play them, they will only keep on replay Trump’s “locker room talk.”

Hey Casey, the country has been run by her bestie, Barack Obama, for the almost eight years. Give me a list of the great things he’s done for this country. Yeah, I can’t either. I’m sure Hillary’s only going to continue to enforce his wonderful policies like, of course, the Affordable Care Act.

Neistat asked people to harass fellow YouTubers by posting videos of themselves endorsing Hillary.

Many YouTubers have posted response videos, some agreeing with him but most opposing what he did and irritated that he violated the YouTube contract by encouraging harassment. One of my favorite response videos is by Paul Joseph Watson called, “Stupid Hipster Millennials (Casey Neistat Response).”

In conclusion to my rant, I did unsubscribe from Neistat, something I thought I’d never do. His videos had been a light-hearted escape for me from the crap in my life, including the election, but he ruined that.

I recommend you watch Casey’s video, and then watch the responses that he gets from other YouTubers in videos they’ve posted, as well as in the comments section.