Max’s Mayhem


Max Herbkersman

This year was the year of changes, with the county enforcing a new grading policy, phone policy, the enforcement of BCPS One cards, and even a new homecoming venue.
However, my least favorite change is that the county believes they are serving new “healthy” food. To be more specific, the chicken patty.
In previous years the chicken patty was the only food I could trust to eat. It wasn’t soggy and actually tasted decent. Granted the so called “chicken” might have been a stretch but it still tasted good.
As usual, the county found a way to mess something up. This year’s patty is real chicken… except the chicken might be the most disgusting meal I’ve ever eaten.
After taking one bite, I look down and make an alarming discovery. The chicken is soggy, slimy, and pink in some areas. The smell, taste, and look is stomach wrenching.
In the end the county needs to stop trying so hard. No one likes these changes, and now I can’t even buy a lunch, the new patty is too gross.