No one has spirit anymore


Photo by Tori Wenzl

The journalism class poses for a picture. They were dressed in generation day gear.

Emily McNicholas, Videographer

The week before homecoming is supposed to be full of fun, laughs, and spirit. Every day of the week has a designated spirit day where students and teachers are encouraged to dress up according to the day. Some students have decided they are just too cool to dress up.

Walking in the hallway and seeing students in their wacky tacky gear or class color is normally a great sight. It gets everyone pumped for the weekend to come. When students don’t participate it ruins all the fun.

Is it that hard to wear crazy socks? Or even a red shirt? Don’t think so.

It’s normally the boys that draw my attention to this dilemma. They’d rather wear their “jorts”, or jean shorts, everyday so they have an excuse to show off a little too much of their legs.

The guys are apparently way to good for spirit week or just don’t feel like putting the effort into it. Most wear their regular clothes during the wacky week.

If you are a girl and don’t dress up you are weird. Female students tend to go all out for the days.   Girls may even put a little too much into spirit week by spending an excessive amount of money on clothing to wear for these insane days.

Most people don’t have a full body camo outfit laying around to wear on biome day. The one I bought was 30 dollars. Keep in mind that was only the expense for one spirit day out of five.

This year a lot of changes to the week were made, as mostly all students know. But one slight change stuck out to me. Not counting how many students dressed for each day.

Last year, homeroom teachers would take a toll of students that dressed up and what grade they were in. Points were then awarded to the grades based on how many students dressed up. Maybe that’s why students seemed to care less.

Sports teams normally dress nice for their games or are told to wear their jersey to school. This caused a good amount of people not to participate. Football players weren’t allowed to wear their class color on Friday. They were told that if they did not wear their jersey they could not play in their game.

Let the students have fun and enjoy the five days they have to dress up and show our spirit. Coaches should not be able to tell them otherwise.

On the other hand, students did put a lot of spirit in the hallways. Classes covered their hallway with amazing artwork for the week. Signs were put over the lights and windows to make the hallway become dim and set the mood. Only if they could have put that into their outfits.