The 80s are coming back


Photo by: Alexis Griffey

Claire’s sells chokers. The necklace was purchased there and has been sported many times.

Alexis Griffey, Reporter

Girls, let’s face it– chokers are in. Teenagers are rushing to the nearest Claire’s and clearing the shelves of ‘tattoo’ designed necklaces. Or, the choker is a single strand of dark string with a simple pearl knotted in the middle. Whatever design may be, some may believe that history is repeating itself.


It is funny knowing that chokers were once in style before. My mom, being decently middle-aged, has kept these necklaces from when she wore them in the 80s. These are one of her hand-me-downs I do not actually mind wearing. In fact, Kendall Jenner posted a picture on Instagram on Oct 2, sporting a thick, gold and black chained wrap choker.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a complete sucker for the latest trends. The only thing is: these necklaces are not the most comfortable item in my attire. I find myself constantly fixing and stretching the tight jewelry around my neck. So, if you are considering purchasing a choker, know that its name is extremely appropriate.


Even though they may, if not adjusted properly, literally choke you, there is no denying that these kinds of necklaces are very stylish.