Chirpin ’bout no end of the year festivities

Bess Tiller

As the school year has progressed this building has gotten more and more like a prison camp than a place of learning.

It only seems appropriate to chirp about this and how extremely ridiculous the school has become and their policies restricting my friends and I from end of the year pizza. It is not everyday that we are trying to order pizza for lunch it is just something to do to celebrate crawling over the finish at as the year draws to an end.

Pizza is offered at the cafeteria but from my article in the print addition earlier this year clearly states I will be no where near the cafeteria or there pizza.

Just recently the school administration forbid my friends and I from ordering pizza at school for the following reasons:

  1. Portions are too large
  2. Someone could be coming into the school (even though we would meet them outside)
  3. We aren’t allowed outside
  4. They don’t want us sharing food (what do they think happens every day, all over the school?)

After being denied we had to do what anyone would….scheme. Multiple ideas went through our group message, and we ended up having someone’s mom drop off subs in a duffle bag with clothes on top.

If you ask me, the extent our actions were completely unnecessary. I can promise that the Michaels’ pizza delivery guy wasn’t going to drug our pizza or shoot up the school.  I know that it is hard to believe but we were honestly trying to just order pizza. I know, I know, it comes as a huge shock to many that high school students can innocently order a pizza without anything else coming of it.

If anything someone’s mom being able to drop a bag off in the office wit who knows what in it is far more dangerous then having a pizza dropped off here. I understand the concern of the administration I just think the rules are far too restricting.

Overall there seems to be a common theme that the school is getting worse and worse as the year progresses and I expect this trend to continue for years to come. I feel more like a prisoner here than a student.