Destruction of the Trailers

While previously on Herefords campus during reconstruction, the old yellow trailers are finally being removed.

“It doesn’t really affect me that much now that the trailers are being removed, I mean I’m in the building the whole time so I don’t really care,” Cole Quattrocche (’16) said.

“I don’t care {about the trailers being removed}, Luke Franz (’17) said. “I mean it might make the school a little nicer.”

The trailers have been a big addition to Hereford High School. The teachers who were in the trailers were able to give their opinions regarding their favorite parts of having their classes there.

“My favorite part was I can manage the heat, I can manage the air conditioning, and I didn’t have to worry about waiting until the whole school temperature change,” Mrs. Anshel said. “I had control over the entire trailer and to be honest that’s the best part.”

When they were in the back where the new science building is, you can’t see it now, but just in between classes you could walk out and look at the state park, it was beautiful, just beautiful,” said Mr. Comber.

The trailers have helped Hereford go through its reconstruction. Hereford has had to adapt to the changes that have happened in the building.

“The trailers have always been necessary until we got the addition of the new science rooms. As everything shakes out we have about 6 additional classrooms so we don’t need them anymore,” Mr. Jira said. “During construction when rooms were being done we put teachers out there, at one point we had as many as 11 trailers there.”

“My least favorite part was I didn’t have a bathroom close by, so I had to wait until lunch time or even enrichment time to go to the bathroom,” said Mr. Anshel.

“They have to go, it’s better to be a part of the school,” Mr. Comber said. “Infected with mice and urine and feces, they smell, and they’re kinda dirty so it’s probably a good thing that they’re gone.”

Mr. Jira told us this is what they are going to do. The first trailer, Mrs. Zaine’s and Mrs. Morgan’s closest to the water tower is rented by Baltimore County Public Schools, and is going to be picked up in the next two to three weeks and taken back to the rental.

The second two were in such bad condition, and were destroyed the other day.

The fifth one, which was Mr. Hardshorns is going to have to stay until July.

Finally, the sixth and seventh were removed October 27, 2015. They took them apart, then they went on flat beds and are going to be shipped out.

We were able to speak with the contractor in charge of taking apart the trailers.

“What were about to do right now is set up the riggings so they can lift it, they’ve already removed the skirting from the bottom, the joining pieces inside and out have already been removed and what we’re doing shortly is swinging the crane over and dropping cables in between the two halves and crossing it over to the other side of the half there going to lift. Next thing you know that thing will be up in the air,” said the Contractor.

It could take about an hour, hour and a half depends on what kind of situations we come across as far as lifting it and putting it on a truck it will be very rapid really.”

The plans for where the trailers were is that there are going to be 18 or 19 trees put in to cover the grassy part and make Hereford High School look even better.