Go Guardian used to ensure focused learning


Sydney Goorevitz

Language teacher Peggy Kopp puts Go Guardian on her AP French 5 student´s devices while they take their finals.

Sydney Goorevitz, Features Editor

According to Inside Higher Ed., 49% of students use technology during class time for purposes unrelated to the lesson. Many Hereford students can be seen in the classroom listening to music, scrolling through social media, or browsing other websites on their school computers.

Go Guardian was created in 2014 for teachers to ensure that students are on task throughout the lesson since teachers can´t be monitoring every screen in a classroom. It has features where teachers can see what browsers students have open and allows them to close the tabs. It also allows them to see the students’ progress during a test or classwork.

Hereford High language teacher Peggy Kopp uses it whenever her students are taking a test. This allows her students to have the best learning experience.

¨I use to see my student’s full capability in their proficiency and work ethic without the need to cheat, ¨ Kopp said.

Hereford Middle started using it last year and it is now being used at the high school level. Freshman are the only ones who are familiar with it, while it is a new experience for upper class students.

Now, students have to participate in classroom activities and engage in lessons. Since the pandemic, students would often do work for other classes or go on their phone to look up answers, which is no longer an option. Effort now has to be put into their assignments because students can no longer cut corners.

¨It gives the students the same opportunity as everyone else and ensures the most accurate grades possible, ¨ Charlotte Bauermann (´25) said.

Go Guardian helps to angle in on skills students may have trouble with because it allows teachers to see what students are missing without the help of another source. Because of this, Hereford faculty and staff can now determine what students need to improve on for their future.