FBLA students dress for success


Xander van Dorpe (’23), John Venn (’23), Emerson Lehnert (’22), Harshini Arumugam (’22), Emma Perez (’22), (second row) Jordan Freeman (‘23), Aidan Sabo (’23), Zach Jacobs (’22), Parker Knight (’22), and Brendan Keller (’22) listen to Mr. Schreiner (not pictured) explain the agenda for the meeting. FBLA’s members made sure to wear their masks even after school hours.

Peter Capan, Reporter/Lead Illustrator

Throughout the halls, a select group of students dressed in unusual attire. While sport coat, ties, and slacks seem excessive for a Tuesday, one group takes pride in it. The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) sport their famous business attire each Tuesday, complete with suits and name tags.  

This tradition has been carried on from previous years where club members would wear dress clothes to school so they wouldn’t have to change before going to an after-school event. However, this year, club advisor Mr. David Schreiner has changed the policy to business attire every Tuesday. By making this change he hopes to promote the club in search of new members next year.  

Despite the club’s first meeting being in August, most members continue to adhere to Tuesday’s dress code and plan to do so for the rest of the year. While some members are still getting used to it, others have grown accustomed to the spiffy aesthetic.  

“I think it’s pretty cool, I like seeing the look on people’s faces sometimes,” Jordan Ackerman (’23) said.  

Many extracurricular groups have taken this year as an opportunity to turn some heads in an attempt to promote school spirit. Sports teams such as football and boys’ soccer have imitated FBLA’s business dress code on certain game days to increase fan attendance.  

“It’s fun,” Parker Knight (’22) said, “It’s not required, but I try to participate as much as possible.” 

FBLA is still accepting members and they plan to continue the festivities each Tuesday to promote comradery and the club’s popularity.  

The club will have an enrichment meeting on November 19 in Mr. Schreiner’s room to welcome any students interested in joining.