Athlete of the Month: Andrew Chung smashes everything in his way


Jake Epstein

Chung and Kinsey eye a gold medal at the Baltimore County Badminton Championships. The pair won their match against Franklin High School’s top male doubles team with set scores of 15-2 and 15-1.

Jake Epstein, Content Editor

The Hereford sports scene is typically dominated in coverage by football, basketball, cross-country, track and field, and lacrosse. Those athletes generally garner most of the recognition in this publication, as well as larger scale media groups in the Baltimore Metro. However, the Harbinger would be remiss if it failed to recognize the prowess of the colossal-calved commander of the gym courts.

Andrew Chung is the face of the Badminton program. A four-year varsity starter, Chung, whose peers affectionately refer to him by his surname, started off his career on the humble courts of Hereford Middle School.

“I played [badminton] in gym class and found it really fun, so I tried out for the team and got a spot,” Chung said.

His natural talent and tenacious work ethic took it from there. Chung spends six hours outside of team practices honing his craft weekly. Emulating the court play and movement of Korean superstar Lee Yong-dae, Chung constantly seeks ways to improve his game.

Chung is unbeatable and nothing gets by him; he’s like a wall.”

— Drew Kinsey ('22)

His infectious work ethic and commanding leadership skills made him a shoo-in for senior captain. However, Chung takes his mentorship of his teammates a step further.

“I’ve stepped into the role of a coach, helping out with technique and knowledge of the game,” Chung said. “It’s certainly a lot of responsibility to be a leader, but I think my teammates definitely respect me and listen to what I have to say.”

Chung’s success on the court has garnered recognition amongst his peers as one of the most skilled players in the county. Possessing a deadly combination of power and finesse, he goes into every match full of confidence and ready to handle any adversity.

Chung and his partner, Drew Kinsey (’22), continue to fire on all cylinders. Off to an 11-1 start, the top male duo at Hereford has four shutouts on the season: an incredibly rare feat in the sport. The pair have their eyes fixated on a gold medal at the Baltimore County Championships, where top partners will compete for the ultimate prize on Oct. 28 and 30.

“A gold medal is definitely the end goal and would be a great end to my career here,” Chung said.

Off the court, Chung values his academics. Taking two AP courses, economics and chemistry, he understands the importance of challenging yourself in school.

“Chemistry and economics are tough classes, but I put a lot of work into them and try to succeed as much as I can,” Chung said.

As his high school career winds down, Chung looks to a future in college badminton.

“UMD is certainly my top choice, and they are very good at badminton, but I just want to keep playing somewhere,” Chung said.