Special Education department welcomes Mr. Wischhusen

Natalie Burger, Reporter

Hereford is proud to announce that Glen Wischhusen  is now part of the Special Education department staff. This school year is his first year at Hereford High School, and first year teaching after he recently  completed his education degree.

Wischhusen was drawn to Hereford High School due to the school’s success in Baltimore County.

“I’m excited to be beginning my teaching career at such a great school,” Wischhusen says.

Before coming to HHS, Wischhusen mainly taught as a substitute teacher at Dumbarton Middle School and occasionally at other schools. He teaches Algebra 1 and 2 and Geometry.

Some hobbies Wischhusen enjoys are running, usually about three to five miles, reading, and watching television. But of course, Wischhusen’s main passion in life is to teach. Wischhusen decided to become a teacher because it was always a passion of his. He finds joy in helping people learn.

Wischhusen is looking forward to many things during his first year teaching at Hereford. From getting to know his new students to finally being able to teach in person again, he is ready for anything this new year throws at him.