Mrs. Michelle Baylor joins business staff

Peter Capan, Reporter

Mrs. Michelle Baylor is an expert teacher with over 27 years of experience teaching in the Baltimore area.  

Baylor gained a lot of experience and perspective having taught at various schools around the county, such as, Lansdowne High School, Winsor Mill Middle School, Chesapeake High School, Southwest Academy, and now Hereford High School.  

“I wanted a change,” Baylor said. “I felt like I had a gift to give to the students here.” 

Throughout her diverse and successful career in teaching, Baylor has learned that regardless of the situation, hard work and consistency are always rewarded in the end.  

“If you are consistent, you can handle anything that comes your way,” Baylor said.  

Baylor initially came to Hereford because of its high reputation, and she has yet to be disappointed.  

“When I first started (at Hereford), a lot of the students kept saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ after class and I wasn’t sure why,” Baylor said. “Eventually, I figured out it means, ‘we appreciate you.’ We normally say thank you to the teachers we like.”  

Ms. Baylor is looking forward to the rest of the school year and can’t wait to continue to develop relationships with her students.