Ms. Catherine Schene joins Hereford science staff


Matt Campbell, Reporter

Ms. Catherine Schene is no stranger to Baltimore County Public Schools, having worked in the school system for 17 years, including 15 at Franklin Middle School. Schene ended up at Hereford because of Science Department Chair, Mr. Jean-Paul Bibaud. The two worked with each other at Franklin and Ms. Nancy Tag’s retirement allowed Schene and Bibaud to reunite.

Schene has not always worked in education, originally getting a degree in forensic science at Catonsville Community College and the University of Baltimore. She worked in the Baltimore County Police Department for several years before beginning her career in education.

Outside of work, Schene has a lot of personal interests and hobbies. She loves dogs and owns two Labradors. Schene also enjoys playing sports in her downtime. She recently had an injury that has prevented her from staying active, but she hopes she can get out playing again soon.

Overall, Schene in thrilled to work at Hereford, saying how refreshing it is to work in such a positive environment. She looks forward to this school year and working in a high school after being at the middle school level for so long.

“I’m looking forward to learning new things and meeting new people and learning how high school works again,” Schene said.