Hereford sports fans are back in action


Sophie Shive

Hereford fans show their pride with the “bulls up” symbol. Hereford’s students section cheered on the Bulls football team against Milford Mill.

Sophie Shive, Reporter

Students are finally back in person. Teachers get to see their students’ eyes and foreheads, the familiar haunting bell is heard, and sports are back. Although many club sports teams still had practice and games through the pandemic, Hereford games are different. Why? The fans.

Nothing beats a hyped-up student section chanting encouraging and repetitive phrases. So, Hereford sports fans now that games are back where is the Hereford spirit. It’s been a long time and fans are out of practice, but they’re back.

“Hereford fans have expectations; we have to honor Hereford and what it stands for,” Dylan Hartlove (’22) said.

The stands are filing up and here’s how they’re showing their spirit.

  1. Dress the part

Hereford student fans have always been great at showing school colors. Now that sports are back, break out the maroon, gold, and white, paint some eye black on, and add some beads.

  1. Always have a cow bell

Honestly, when people think Hereford, they think farms. Cow bells have become part of the community’s culture; own it. So, shake those bells like there’s no tomorrow.

  1. Shout and Chant

Fans are always encouraged to help the cheerleaders support the team. Cheer on Hereford players with various chants to build players up.

  1. Show up

This is the most important part about being a Hereford fan; whether it’s football, baseball, track, or badminton, attendance is crucial. Fans are the one aspect of Hereford sports that can’t be replaced.

Although it’s been a while, fans showing up to games and supporting their peers is still important. To get fans started, the next home games for fall sports are listed below. Come show Hereford student pride.

Boys’ Soccer October 7th JV- 4:00 V- 5:15
Girls’ Soccer October 4th JV- 3:45 V- 5:15
Badminton October 15th 4:30 6:00
Football October 8th JV- 4:00 V- 6:30
Volleyball October 8th JV- 3:45 V- 5:15
Cross Country November 13th 8:30am 6:00pm
Field Hockey October 5th JV- 5:15 V- 3:45
Boys’ Golf* October 11th 3:30 7:00
Girls’ Golf* October 13th  12:00pm 6:00pm

* Boys’ Golf at Oakmont Greens, Girls’ Golf at Diamond Ridge