iOS 7.0 causes frustration

Photo source: Google Images

Hannah Pursley

“To install or not to install?”
This is the question reeling through my mind as I consider whether or not to update my iPhone with the new iOS 7.0 software. Facebook and Instagram were buzzing about the update on September 18, the day it was released-but not necessarily with good feedback.
“Nothing is working and I can’t connect to anything and iMessage doesn’t work,” stated alumnae Hannah Fizer. The update with so-called “improvements” and “new features” appears to be slowing down phones rather than increasing their speed.
“Never did I expect my update for my phone to take over three hours!” stated Hollis King (11) in a Facebook status.
For an update that barely has any new features other than a new layout, three hours is a ridiculous amount of time to wait, and the plethora of glitches included certainly isn’t appealing.
Furthermore, what Apple claims is a “beautiful new design” is relatively plain compared to the old layout, with simple and flat apps that give iPhones the appearance of Windows phones.
“There are some cool little details about it. It was worth it I suppose,” said Joel Watts (11).
Still, are a few little details seriously worth the hassle? With the lengthy installation time, technical difficulties, and archaic “new” design, I’ll take my iOS 6.1 over a 5-hour installation any day.