Local spa and salon reopens under new management

Katie Salko, Features Editor

Elizabeth Jacob Spa and Salon is, as its website says, a “hidden gem” within Baltimore County.

Located off of Frederick Road, the salon is only six minutes from the school, and is currently under new management.

Bella Cavallaro’s (‘21) parents Angela and Mark Cavallaro and aunt Amy Henneman bought the spa and are creating a new atmosphere and vision for the business.

“We’re trying to get our feet wet,” Mark said. “We want to build a foundation within the community.”
They started with physical changes—cosmetic changes and staff modifications—and then moved to atmospheric changes.

“We are a welcoming, open-armed salon,” Mark said. “Right now, we are concentrating on learning the ins and outs of the daily grind of operating [it].”

His daughter agreed. “I think that the dynamic is a lot different between the workers, and everything is running pretty smoothly. Everybody’s getting along,” Bella said.

Bella is “really excited” about the salon and envisions a positive response to the new changes.

“It’s a really cool place with great people that do a great job in every aspect of their work. It’s [such a] cool place. I’m looking forward to it,” Bella said.

Reese Miller (‘20), a previous customer under the old management, is looking forward to it as well.

When she went, “the service was really, really great. They were really kind and they wanted to talk to [me] and they didn’t make the experience awkward at all,” Miller said.

Her experience was memorable, and she would “love to try it out and see what’s changed.”

Although many changes were made to improve the salon, their location has remained the same. Location has a large impact on any business, and Elizabeth Jacob’s location is essential to their service.

“We are located right on the Gunpowder [River],” Mark said. “It’s the perfect location.”

Not only is their location exceptional, but the services they offer are diverse and plentiful.

At the salon, there is great variety in the services offered. From haircuts and coloring to waxing services to professional makeup, there is something there for everyone. They are staffed with highly skilled professionals, and “aim to give 110% in all [of their] services” (elizabethjacobspa.com).

“If you’re looking for any kind of services like that, definitely go there,” Bella said.

Whether it’s an up-do for prom or a spa day with friends, Elizabeth Jacob has something for everyone.

“We consider ourselves to be a full-service salon, and a service-oriented business, with talented hair stylists, manicurists, pedicurists, and massage therapists,” Mark said. “I can not say enough about how talented our staff is.”

Although they purchased the salon back in May, it is open for business, and has been running smoothly since.
“If you haven’t been in a while, come back. If you’ve never been in, come in and see what we’re about,” Mark said.

To schedule an appointment and experience the new spa and salon, call (410)-357-0833. Elizabeth Jacob Spa and Salon is open Tuesday through Saturday, ranging from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and staying open as late as 8 p.m. on Tuesday and

***To receive 10% off of any service, bring in this article and show it to the staff at Elizabeth Jacob.***