Goalie Camryn Kelbaugh dominates in field hockey


Photo provided by Camryn Kelbaugh

Kelbaugh stretches to cover the far post in a regular season match up.

Mark Suchy, Sports Editor

Field hockey has been a major part of Camryn Kelbaugh’s (’18) entire life. She first began playing the sport in fourth grade, and now the varsity goalie practices up to six times a week during the season and four times a week in the offseason.

“I really enjoy the competitiveness of the sport and how fun it is,” Kelbaugh said.

Like any standout athlete, Kelbaugh is more than just a player; she understands the game and is able to predict what will happen next. “Camryn is such a great goalie. She always tells me where I have to be to make plays,” defender Grace Noone (’20) said.

An essential component of any strong goalie is communication and Kelbaugh is always talking in goal.

“I can hear her directing me where to be almost all the time,” Noone said “[It’s] just a sort of safety feeling to have her back there putting me in spots [to succeed].”

Camryn brings more than just stellar play and advanced knowledge to the team; she is a leader on and off the field.

“She is a very strong leader. She is always getting us focused and ready to play,” forward Mackenzie McKillop (’19) said.

Not only is Kelbaugh an exemplary field hockey player, she is a good student and citizen. Kelabugh has seldom been in trouble and is always sharing tips with any freshman that ask her.

Kelbaugh also maintains a strong presence in the locker room, “Camryn dances on the bus to music and makes sure to keep us loose,” McKillop said.

Kelbaugh recently committed to Providence University where she will continue her field hockey career collegiately.

“It is a very competitive program. I love the coaching staff, team spirit, and team chemistry,” Kelbaugh said.

This year Kelbaugh seems confident, after being the starting goalie on varsity since freshman year and leading the team to three straight state titles.

“We are a young team this year but if we really push ourselves we can win [states]” Kelbaugh said.

One thing is for sure; with Camryn Kelbaugh in net, the quest for four is a possibility.