Our View: Random acts of kindness combat bullying

     Recently, Superintendant Dr. Dallas Dance initiated an anti-bullying day. On Friday, March 1, Baltimore County Public School students watched a message from Dr. Dance in which he proposed that students pledge to fight bullying in our schools. Dr. Dance has encouraged students to spread this message through kindness cards and his Anti-Bullying Pledge.

     Students are encouraged to sign the BCPS Anti-Bullying Pledge which states “I pledge to…Think about what I am saying, speak out when I see bullying, lend a hand to those who need help, stick with it and refuse to bully others, I will choose to stand up and be a friend, the end of bullying begins with me”

     Bullying is a serious issue that has been the source of national tragedies. Certainly, Hereford High is also a place where bullying occurs. However, bullying does not seem to be a major problem here. This is evident in the lack of physical fights in our halls, as opposed to other schools, where, unfortunately, many fights occur per week. This does not mean we should just pat ourselves on the back and say, “Absolutely, bullying does not exist at Hereford.” Since actions speak louder than words, Hereford students should work to spread Dr. Dance’s message in everything that they do.

     With spring arriving, consider making a fresh start in your resolutions with others. Extend a helping hand to a student you may not know, hold a door for a classmate, smile at strangers. Random acts of kindness should permeate our building and, consequently, influence the tone of our school. Where kindness prevails, bullying cannot thrive. #TeamNoBullying