Dance programs grows


Photo by Megan Loomis

Dance 4 prepares for rehearsal with their modern warm up sequence.

Megan Loomis

A program that only started off with 30 dancers now has over 100. Dance teacher Erin Norton came to Hereford seven years ago and has transformed the program completely.
Norton taught at New Town High School and also taught at The Moving Company dance studio. When she came to Hereford, the largest class had 17 and another had six. A group of eight or nine would stay after school to practice.
She taught Dance, Food and Nutrition, and Health. Next year she will only teach dance possibly because the program has grown so much.
For the next year Dance I has 44 registered dancers with 78 alternates. This could lead to two dance classes. The auditions on Feb. 28 will reveal the final count.
“We would have a full dance program, but anytime they need me to teach health, I would,” Norton said.
Norton has also created a program, Junior Company, for students who are not in company where they can grow and develop skills to be at a company-like level. Dancers in Dance III and IV can audition.
Junior Company is held during enrichment to have more participation since the program has so many athletes. Even if someone is in dance, they can continue with what they want to do in and out of school.

Photo by Megan Loomis
Hannah Weeren (’18) and Danielle Maggio (’18) rehearse a modern dance choreographed by Erin Norton to be performed at their next recital.

“This is a way to bridge the gap between company and the other levels,” Norton said “[Students will be] working on skills and knowledge in class, while getting extra exposure to extra performances.”
Company gets many opportunities to perform outside of school. The Maryland Dance Alliance is held here on March 23. Schools and other organizations come to perform. There is also the Maryland Dance Festival on March 3, where Rachel Fiorini’s (’19) piece, “Marching On”, will be performed.
“Hereford dance gave me a way to get back into dance,” said Dance IV student Lily Albanese (’18). “We are all a really close class; we have a group chat and we are all friends.”
Many dancers have a close relationship within their classes. Some hang out after school or are in the same outside company.
The spring recital is April 6. This performance is featuring hip hop, jazz, modern, and tap. Tickets cost 5 dollars.
“I am looking forward to all the energy that the recital has.” Dance III student Jessica Myers (’19) said.
The dance company performs at the pep rally every year and the Disney trip every two years. You can also catch them performing during halftime at the rematch basketball game on March 10.

Photo by Megan Loomis
Nya Bennett (’19) warms up in the beginning of class.