Bess Tiller, Reporter

Parents who talk about other kids have absolutely no life. Do you feel good about yourself degrading another person’s child? I know your kid is so much better but for some reason you can’t quite figure out he was still cut from the team, I’m sure it’s because that coach was out to get him. Now that your kid is cut you are plan on sitting around sipping margaritas talking trash about the kid who took his spot.

Most parents in Hereford have the tendency to be highly involved in their children’s lives. Now there are some pros to this, I love having tons of parents at sporting events and involved in a positive way. Sad to say your kid isn’t perfect and will mess up, that’s just the reality of a high schooler.
Stop trying to live your kids’ lives don’t go out to lunch and talk about the latest party your daughter was at, and don’t be so naive to think she was the only one there not partaking in the illegal activity. Are you that dense to believe little Susie didn’t have a beer? That solo cup in here picture on Instagram is definitely coke you’re right.

I heard about those kids smoking pot too, oh of course Jack would never do that he’s an honor student. No, Jack just likes the smell of axe and has bad allergies that’s why he always has those eye drops on him.

I’m tired of you blaming everyone but your own kid. Dan got detention because that teacher just hates him, of course he wouldn’t be on his phone during class. Are you serious, what makes your kid so special and all of us such awful students?

For the love of god please stop gossiping about your kids friends. What makes you feel good about putting down a 16 year old? Is your life that boring that you have to live vicariously through us and then critic our every move? I’d prefer you to find a better way to spend your days then worry about a speeding ticket you heard someone else got. News flash your kid is going 90 on the highway they just haven’t gotten caught yet.

Don’t get me wrong I love having my mom on the side line cheering me on, what I don’t love is those little group messages parents make just to gossip. Parents shouldn’t even know what a group message is.

Does talking about high schoolers make you feel good about yourself, do you feel more superior knowing your better? I’m glad you get a good fix from telling other parents how bad I am or the person next to me is. For those of you who partake in this little gossip circle of the moms should be embarrassed. I’m sure a lot of you will be calling the school about this article, get ready Mr. Jira.