Tillers Troubles: nail salons


Grace Clarke (’18) Bess Tiller (’18) and Emily McNicholas (’19) all pose with chipped nails one day after the dance. Girls were disappointed in the polish quality.

Bess Tiller

Before homecoming everyone knows you must get a dress, shoes, jewelry, hair and of course nails done. This past Friday I went to go get my nails done at Meriam nails in Hereford. Not only did I sit for 45 minutes before I got in a chair but the job was poor.
I arrived around 6:00 pm thinking that would be plenty of time to get just a color change on my feet and hands by 7:00 pm for the football game. I was sadly mistaken.
Not only did I wait forever but there was only three people working. Keep in mind it is the night before homecoming. I ended up having no time to get my toes done and had to go the next morning.
Along with the wait my nails didn’t even look good. My nails immediately chipped and were not cut and filled well at all.
To top it all off a lady cut me in line for getting my toes painted. What took an hour should have taken ten minutes.
I cannot even imagine if I had asked for a manicure of gel nails.
If I were to give anyone a tip its take the extra time to drive somewhere other than Meriam. Although it is central it is awful.
The nails are not even the worst part. Their eye brow waxing is sub-par as well. Kylie Nause (’18) got her eye brows done and they looked extremely thin and unnatural. All she wanted was a “clean up” to shape them but she got far from a subtle waxing.
Overall if you are choosing Meriam the chose is wrong.