Paul Problem’s: So I have this fish

Paul Rapuzzi

:So, I have a fish now. It’s technically not my fish, but I’m going to count it anyways. It’s this Beta Fish that has this sort of blueish purple color. It lives in a tiny tank with this fake plant thing. All it does is swim in circles.

It’s really boring.

My sister has been begging for a fish for a good 3 months. My mom finally caved and got one last weekend. We already have a cat, and he likes fish flavored food. So you see where there’s a problem.

Anytime she’s not in the room watching my cat the door is locked and I have to listen to him whine and cry outside the door.

It’s really, really annoying.

I can guarantee this fish with no name will be dead within 2 months. It almost died the day she got it. She intelligently left my cat that likes fish flavored food in a room with a tiny, easy to catch fish.

My cat shoved its nose under the lid and knocked it into the tank. The fish barely escaped being crushed. My sister for some reason thinks this fish in a tank with no filter left alone with a cat is going to survive for years.

It’s hard being the smart one.

She’s given it a personality too, she claims he likes to hide behind his fake plant and race around the tank. I’d tell her she was crazy if that wouldn’t result in me getting punched in the arm.

I wonder if it will have a name before it dies. Probably not, she cycles through 3 or 4 names a day. I suggested she name it Dave, though she definitely won’t listen to anything I have to say.

So I have a fish now. I’m sure this won’t end horribly.