Time to Drive Takes Off

By: Sierra Webb

[email protected]

Roughly around three to two weeks ago Time to Drive the local driving school, mysteriously closed down without giving any notice to the teens that had paid for drive times. Teens were still scheduling appointments and showing up to drive, but no instructors were showing up.

After calling the local phone number for the business, parents and teens were unable to reach anybody working there. Many students from the high school were applying to take the drive times and paying full price for them, but were never contacted after they had already paid.

“When my mom tried to schedule another drive time nobody was answering the phone and then when I went to school everybody was talking about how it closed down,” Anna Nash (’18) said.

Students who didn’t finish their drive times at the one in Hereford have to finish or retake them somewhere else.

Addy O’Neill a previous employee at the Time-to-Drive location worked there for a year and did not have the best experience. “It was extremely stressful,” O’Neill said. “It required me to be very dedicated to my work and the students.”

O’Neill was working easily 40 hours a week while also balancing out her academics. “It proved to be the death of me,” O’Neill said.

O’Neill not only struggled with long hours but difficult parents. “I was mistreated and disrespected by some parents,” O’Neill said. “Multiple parents have made me cry and I’m not really about that anymore.”

Luckily for O’Neill, the owner of the company wanted out when the license ran up in April, and when the general manager tried to purchase it, he was unable to. O’Neill does not plan to pursue anything related to driver’s education after this experience, but instead is positive.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to work there, but am extremely glad I don’t spend most of my daylight hours on the phone with angry moms,” O’Neill said.