Looking forward to the New Year

As we approach the New Year we’re buzzing in excitement of what’s to come and making goals to keep us on track.

Many people find it hard to stick with their resolutions. [I don’t make New Years resolutions] because I never keep them” Michael Greenwell (’16) said.

Jack White ('18) shows his excitement for the New year.
Sarah Wheatley
Jack White (’18) shows his excitement for the New year.

Having a reason for making the resolution helps some to keep up with them. “The last [New Years resolution] I made was to get into the weight room for football” Nate Grisez (’19) said.

Generally most of us want to be with our friends on New Years but some have a different approach. “I usually am in bed by the time the ball drops” Social Studies teacher Jonathan Shinnick said.

Although Shinnick prefers not celebrate the new year by the minute, he likes that not many people are around on New Years Day. “I like to go grocery shopping because the stores are empty and I don’t like people so there’s less people, which is always nice” Shinnick said.

For Nate Reichert (’19) there’s more to celebrate than just the New Year. “I think it’s fun [to have my birthday on New Years] you get to stay up all night and party” Reichert (’19) said.

The New Year is all about progressing and moving forward. “[This New Year I look forward to] graduating in five months” Greenwell (’16) said.

It doesn’t matter how we chose to celebrate the New Year but it matters what we make of it. It’s almost 2016, let’s kill it.