Snyder and Anderson Memorial

Norman Anderson III, Joshua Snyder, and Graham Hemerley graduated from Hereford High in 2002. After graduation, Hemerley, Anderson, and Snyder enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Anderson served one deployment in Afghanistan in 2004. While on a mission in Baghdad, Anderson was killed by a suicide car bomber. Norman Anderson played varsity football.

Joshua was giving out candy to local children in Afghanistan, trying to prove that the troops were there to bring them a better life when he was shot and killed.

“I think, that’s just what Hereford kids do, you know, they find a situation where they can make people feel more comfortable and they do it,” said Principal Joe Jira.

Eagle Scout, Andrew Kilgore (’17) had an idea for a summer community service project to memorialize the two boys who passed away.

He heard about the late graduates and started looking for something to do to honor them. He spoke with the school and their families and began with the project. “It started on July fourth and ended on Labor Day,” said Kilgore.

On Veterans Day, Wednesday, Nov. 11, the student body tuned in to a special announcement during sixth period. Students watched as the Andersons and Snyders gathered with local government officials to dedicate a portion of York Rd to their sons, Norm and Josh.

This dedication informed unaware students about the late Hereford graduates.

“I had no idea who they were, I just knew there was a memorial going up in the stadium, and it was pretty nice to see who they actually were. I knew that they played football but that was about it,” said Luke Fisher (’18.)

“If you go back and look at what Andrew Kilgore did, he did something that when you walk to that stadium you stop and you pause… and you think about those two boys and think of all of the men and women who have served in the services, and have done a good job to protect our rights and our freedom,” said Jira.