A – List celebrities star in new film “Red Notice”

Emma Cruise, Reporter

Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds star in the new Netflix movie “Red Notice” as illusive and revered conmen chased by crimefighting FBI agent played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Released on Nov 5th 2021, the film premiered on Netflix’s top 10 movies list. Rawson Marshall Thurber, director of “Red Notice”, is also known for his earlier work starring Johnson and Reynolds including Skyscraper (2018), The Nines (2007) and more.  

The movie opens at a museum in Rome where Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) tries to steal one of the three bejeweled golden eggs that Marc Antony gifted Cleopatra on their wedding day. Booth is caught by FBI agent John Heartly (Dwayne Johnson) but they both end up going to jail because Heartly was framed by the world-famous art thief known as “The Bishop” (Gal Gadot).  

The rest of the plot centers around Booth and Heartly working together to steal the rest of the eggs before “The Bishop” so they can collect a profit of 300,000 million dollars from an anonymous billionaire buyer.  

The movie is marketed as comedic action film, but upon viewing it, the movie unintendedly acts almost as a satirical heist movie which is its most redeeming quality. The sense of humor in the film feels as if it’s mocking the typically serious mood of famous spy movies such as the “James Bond” or “Ocean’s 8” franchises. The movie projecting as satire is an interesting approach which is not seen in the movie industry often, but works well for this film. Although the film may not be a typical spy movie it still has the classic deceptive and backstabbing characters that contribute to many plot twists in the film.  

Much of the “Red Notice” plot relies on pop culture centric humor including a scene with the famous singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and everyone’s favorite household helper: The Amazon Alexa, which increases its relevancy in our society and makes the film more relatable to viewers.  

Overall, “Red Notice” is a no strings attached, humorous film that everyone can enjoy. Although the film has not been renewed for a sequel yet, for the fans of the film who want to see more of this trio, the film has an open ending that could possibly lead to more entertaining art heists and mysterious rivalries.

If spy movie fans are interested in watching “Red Notice”, it can be found on Netflix.