Cardi B Makes Money Moves on Barbie

Katie Blair, Reporter

As many of you have heard, some major beef has been going down in the pop culture world including rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Tension has been tight between them for a while now, and for the first time a physical fight between them brought us all a show at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) early this September. Through it all, Cardi continues to take the win whether it’s for her savage comebacks or for her mama bear instincts.

Nicki has done some unethical things, and I’m not saying that Cardi hasn’t either but at least Cardi does it right.

Nicki’s snarky comments about Cardi’s mothering skills, which is just wrong in the first place, brings in Cardi’s child to a toxic public scene, and that crosses the line. So Cardi, as any other mother would do, stood up for herself. With Cardi’s personality, she did not and will not go down lightly as we saw at NYFW, when Cardi threw her shoe at Nicki and “gave her a little goosebump on the head,” Cardi fan, Niko Hillary (’20) said.

To make everything worse, Nicki stepped into Cardi’s career by telling other well-known rappers not to work with Cardi B. “Nicki shouldn’t have talked smack about Cardi by telling rappers to not work with her,” Hillary said.

“Nicki should’ve known she was going to molly wop her,” and with Cardi B’s sassy comment back to Nicki which she publicly posted on her Instagram, we saw that she really did “molly wop” her.

I think it’s clear to most that the real reason that the two rappers have been going off on each other is because Nicki is getting straight up jealous that Cardi B is beginning to take over her turf. Sorry Nicki, but you can’t stay number one forever. It’s about time that someone like Cardi B came up to become the new face of women in the rapping world.

“I’ve been a Nicki fan for a long time, but as new people come up she always gets in fights with people, but now, Cardi B is really close to her and she has more competition” Francesca Viscuso (’21) said.

Yeah, Nicki is still an amazing artist and rapper, but she’s lowering her standards by talking smack about Cardi, who already has a huge fan base that doesn’t approve of many of Nicki’s actions. People should know by now, especially the ones in the middle of the public eye, that bringing people down surely does not bring you up, and that is exactly what Nicki is doing. “Cardi has the right to be upset because Nicki needs to stop bringing stuff up when Cardi clearly wants no part in it” Cardi B fan, Sarah Dickerson (’20) said.

Cardi, without a doubt, has the right to be upset with what Nicki said about her and although she could’ve gone without throwing a shoe at her in a public scene, Cardi is still the winner in many senses.
Overall, as entertaining as it is, both of the women are extremely talented and if Nicki would back off, allowing Cardi to chill out, then everyone could go back to rapping their hearts out, without the extra petty subtweets and tension.