Why Steve Harrington is the best character on Stranger Things

Sierra Webb, Reporter

The hit show Stranger Things released last year and took over social media by storm. Instantly, Stranger Things was popping up on every social media website, news headline, and every late night talk show. So when season two of Stranger Things released on Netflix a couple of months ago, the internet was chaos.

There were several additions to the Stranger Things cast, such as Billy and Max, the two step-siblings who moved all the way from sunny California. But the rave for this season is the love triangle between Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, and Jonathan Byers. Steve Harrington is known as the badass, pretty boy who can shotgun beers at parties and play basketball.

Nancy Wheeler, the goody-to-shoes straight A student, begins to date Steve in the beginning of season one. Jonathan Byers, the socially awkward, nice boy with a camera, revolves his world around finding his brother Will Byers after his mysterious disappearance. Once Steve and Nancy begin to date, the audience notices how much of an airhead Steve is.

His good looks and bottle of hairspray become less appealing as his ignorance and douche bag qualities shine through. Nancy begins to spend more time with Jonathan and helps him search for Will after Barbra, Nancy’s close and only friend disappears. Both lonely, you can immediately see the connection that Nancy and Jonathan have together.

One night when Steve drives to Nancy’s house to visit her, he finds her sitting on her bed while Jonathan wraps a towel around her back, angered by the sight of Jonathan and Nancy, Steve spray paints “Slut Wheeler” on the movie theatre bulletin board. After this outrageous event Steve becomes the antagonist, but that all changes in episode eight in season one, when Steve helps save the day with a baseball bat.

Steve’s character change from season one to season two is monumental and he becomes the most beloved character on Stranger Things. In the beginning of season two Steve and Nancy are still dating but that changes after Nancy gets drunk at a Halloween party and confesses to Steve that their relationship is “bullshit”.

Steve leaves the party, allowing Jonathan to swoop in and save the day. Personally, I love Jonathan and Nancy’s relationship. Jonathan and Nancy don’t have many friends, so they’re close relationship develops a romantic spark between the two.

Although Steve has changed tremendously since season one, and still loves Nancy and wants to be a good boyfriend to her, Nancy knows that she will live an unfulfilled life with Steve. As Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship heats up, Dustin and Steve’s friendship is by far the best bond on Stranger Things.

After Steve and Nancy’s breakup, a heartbroken Steve Harrington drives to the Wheeler house with flowers, when Dustin approaches him with a problem. As the season progresses, Steve begins to spend his time with Dustin.

The two are walking on a train track in the forest to try and capture the demogorgon, when Dustin asks Steve for girl and hair advice, indicating an immediate bromance. Their instant connection and personalities make for a fantastic dialogue throughout the rest of the show, making Steve Harrington the best character on Stranger Things.