You should be comfy

Sophia Hagan, Reporter

If you wore boxers to school would they be considered underwear or like another pair of shorts. I live in boxers and have always brought up the idea of just wearing a long comfy pair to school because I already dress like I only own five shirts. People say that since boxers are considered underwear for boys that it’s against the dress code, so I can’t wear them to school.

I wear boxers all of the time out and even when I’m working because I like them as festive shorts. Boxers come in different fabrics, patterns, and colors which make them so fun. Maybe it’s just me, I honestly don’t know but I just enjoy feeling comfy. Boxers may be underwear but I don’t see how when they fit like baggy shorts.

It’s not like boxers are revealing like most jean shorts people wear, or even see through, so why aren’t they socially expectable? Who knows because I don’t see an issue with them when its better then wearing booty shorts wherever I go? Jean shorts ride up and have to be adjusted every five seconds while you wear them. Whenever you just walk they go up and show way more than people want to see in the morning or at any time of the day.

I’m not bashing jean shorts, I guess I just don’t find them comfortable. Oversized tee shirts and boxers are what I wear every night to bed. If I could wear them to school I would get a fresh pair and a new shirt out in the morning so I don’t entirely look like a human hamper, but I feel like I am happier when I’m more comfortably dressed. I don’t care what other people have to say about my attire because as long as I feel happy with myself that’s all that matters.

Wearing basically whatever you feel most comfortable in to school should be acceptable. Boxers should be acceptable as long as they’re not revealing and such. All I’m saying is just a comfy pair of boxers would be nice to have as an option to wear out or even to school. Any pair of pajamas should be alright to wear to school. I doubt many peoples pajamas consist of tight shorts, open shirts, or some revealing attire, who would want to sleep uncomfortable?

Overall everyone should be allowed to wear whatever they want without feeling judgment from others, life isn’t about what’s going one in everyone else’s lives but what’s going on in yours. Everyone needs to hop off and start wearing and doing what makes them happiest without worry what others will think.

Boxers for me are what makes me happiest and feel best when I’m already in a place I don’t care to be in. I just love comfy wear and things that are loose fitting so I can move throughout my day freely as is please. Maybe it’s just me and this is just my opinion but boxers are always my go to with