School’s out for seniors


Emily McNicholas

Seniors are ready for graduation. They have been waiting for their last day for months.

Emily McNicholas, Videographer


317 less students in the school.  317 less seniors telling me what to do.  317 less bodies taking up the crowded hallway.

On May 26 the 317 seniors in the graduating class of 2017 will be finished with their four years of high school.  It’s weird to think that the skimpy juniors will have to take the role of being seniors.

For 10 days at the end of the year we don’t have to listen to the seniors saying “bow down.”  Or some calling me a freshman because anyone besides seniors are freshman.

Journalism and AP Statistics are the two classes I have with seniors, and things will definitely be different when they leave.

Journalism will be more quiet than ever without the 14 seniors screaming, jumping around, and making orders.

My statistics class will be left with seven underclassmen and you know what that means… no work for the rest of that year!

Although it will be nice and calm when they leave, the seniors will be missed.  I’m not sure how journalism will be without them next year.  The upcoming seniors will probably lose the senior vs teacher game during pep rally considering the sophomores almost beat the juniors during the game this year.

Saying good-bye to my good senior friends is something I’m not looking forward to. May 26 is the last time I will ever see some of them.  Some of the best memories have been with them and seeing them go will be difficult.

Will they still order the Harbinger and read it in their dorm rooms?  Will they come back and sit in the stands with us at sporting events again?  Or are they too cool for that?  Who knows?  317 seniors gone and not coming back.