Closing Out on Senior Year

Kelly Wesolowski, Reporter

As June 3rd gets closer and closer, I am still trying to come to the realization that I am actually graduating. I feel like just yesterday I was finishing my freshman year, attending my older sister’s graduation at Towson University. But in a couple of weeks, that will be me. Walking the stage, receiving my diploma.

Yes, I’ll admit, I’m excited to move on and go to college, but there are some things about high school that I will definitely miss.

For one thing, I will certainly miss journalism. The class has been so fun and taught me so many good writing and communication skills. And on that note, I’ll miss my favorite teachers like Mrs. Stuller and Mr. Greenwood, who never fail to make a student laugh and make class entertaining.

I will undeniably miss high school sports. I have found what I really love to do as a result of these, and that is running. It is hard to think that next year I will not be seeing my teammates every day. These people have been my family for the past four years and we have all experienced joy and pain together, whether that be winning, losing, eating pasta, or getting through a tough workout.

And without any questions, I will miss the friends that I hang out with every day at school. However, I will be sure to keep in close touch with those that I am closest with, as I would never want us to drift apart.

I will never forget all of the fun (and horrible) times I’ve had in high school the past four years. But I will be sure to remember the good memories the most and let those good moments carry me through life the next four years of my life in college at the University of Delaware.