Innocent Bite?

Sydney Watts, Reporter

You and your partner are getting hot and heavy on a blanket at the beach while the sun is setting. The kissing is going from lips, to cheek, then in the distraction of the moment your partner moves to your neck–WAIT STOP!! That so called “passion mark” about to be left by your partner is considered repulsive.

While you may be thinking that hickeys are a just an innocent mark, you may want to reconsider those thoughts.

A bite or suction to a sensitive spot on the body may put you at risk for getting oral herpes. The breaking of the skin with the mouth could potentially transmits the virus according to Dr. Nester C. del Rosario of Eastern Virginia Medical School. You might think that it will fade over time but it could permanently scar your skin.

Depending on the depth of the bruise that was left and the complexion of your skin, hickeys usually last up to two weeks. Having fair skin can put you at greater risk for the formations of hickeys and they are more likely to appear for a longer time.

Is there a reason that you are wearing a turtleneck in the middle of summer? Trying to cover those hideous marks from society? Maybe next time you should tell your partner to suck on the other 92% of your body that you can actually covered.

There are no real cures for hickeys. Some might tell you to put toothpaste on it, rub a hairbrush around the center of it and apply an ice pack, but in reality none of these methods are effective. The best way to get rid of a hickey is to cake your neck or the visible area with makeup and pray that your mother doesn’t find out about it.

And, personally I find it trashy that you have bruises all up and down your neck. Quit acting like dogs and allowing your partner to mark their territory on you.