Winter Dance: is it worth it?

Emily McNicholas

Is the freshman-sophomore 50’s themed dance really going to be worth it? Tickets went on sale the morning of March 6, and the line outside the room has been nothing like was for homecoming.

Rumor has it that majority of the upperclassmen will not be attending the dance. Most people hoped for a winter formal where they could buy a nice dress. The 50’s theme just isn’t appealing to many. The effort of finding a costume that matches the theme and looking good is tricky. Boys seemed turned off by the theme because of embarrassment or the fact that they’ll look dumb.

There was not a lot of advertising for the dance besides a video on the announcements, and in the halls you don’t hear much talk about it compared to all the drama and hype about homecoming. The 50’s dance is lucky to get as much money as the Rematch basketball game will on March 10, 2017. There is definitely more talk about the basketball game than the dance.