Still Receiving Interim Reports Despite BCPSone

Kelly Wesolowski, Reporter

Despite the fact that each student in Baltimore County has a BCPSone account, each quarter we still continue to receive interim reports.
BCPSone is an online site which allows students and parents to check their grades for all of their classes whenever they want to. This system has been in place or years now within the Baltimore County Public Schools system, but for some reason students still get interim reports at the half-way mark of each quarter. This is seriously just a waste of paper, and time.
What is the point of printing nearly 1,000 sheets of paper, four times a year when parents and students can simply log in to their account in about 30 seconds and see their grades? I understand that the point is make sure that parents are aware of their child’s progress, but the waste of paper is unnecessary when the same information is easily accessible online.
What the administration should do is send out interims only to those students who are failing a class or not performing well in the classroom. Each teacher could be responsible for giving a list of students to the administration that they think need to receive an interim based on their classroom achievement. This way it can be assured that parents are aware of their child’s lack of progress in school.
This would be a much more effective system than printing and handing out interims each quarter. It would save hundreds of sheets of paper and save the environment. It will save the administration time and supplies. And it will directly address the students who actually need to make improvements.
I know that there are a lot of parents, and even students who do not check their grades online very often – or at all. But, one thing the administration could also do is promote students to check their BCPSone account at least once a week in order to keep up with their progress in each class.