Max’s Mayhem: I used to hate Tom Brady

Max Herbkersman, Sports Editor

Living, and growing up in Baltimore, I was raised to hate the Patriots. For years I have despised them and their fearless leader Tom Brady. I still hate the Pats but as I am getting older I’m starting to respect Tom Brady and his legacy.
Brady has ruled the AFC for years, so it is natural for me to hate him. In the 2011 AFC championship game the Ravens came up short losing 20-23 against the Pats (thanks Cundiff). It brought me joy to see the Pats lose in the Super Bowl.
The next year we were in the same spot. An AFC championship rematch, except Flacco was red hot following the Mile High Miracle. We couldn’t be stopped, as we man-handled the Pats winning 28-13, before beating the 49ers and brining the Lombardi Trophy back home.
Two years later Brady won his fourth ring beating the Seahawks. Shortly after he and the Patriots were then accused for using deflated footballs. No surprise the Pats were cheating again. I was originally a huge fan of Deflategate, because it would most likely result in a hefty fine or even a suspension for Brady. Four games. He was suspended for four games. It seemed appropriate at first but eventually I began to realize that this would just fuel Brady’s hatred for commissioner Rodger Goodell.
Brady had an unbelievable season following his four game suspension. He threw for 3,552 yards, 28 touchdowns, and two interceptions. Brady has a chip on his shoulder as he enters his seventh Super Bowl appearance, and I believe (as much as it pains me to say it) that if he wins he will be the greatest quarterback of all time.
People say that Brady will never be the GOAT but sadly he might be, especially if he wins a fifth Super Bowl. The man is 39 years old, and is still the top QB in the league. As much as I hate him and the Patriots, I do have to respect him and his legacy.