Grading policy encourages laziness


Photo provided by Emily McNicholas

Students take notes for homework. They signed up during enrichment to make corrections.

Emily McNicholas, Reporter

Yes, I know no one wants to hear, another story about the stupid grading system, but a recent uproar with my history class had everyone going crazy.
As my teacher, who will remain anonymous, read out the grades that we received on our test no one was really surprised. She proceed to tell us that “these are the lowest scores I have had on this test in the 20 years that I have given it.”
Could this be a result of the new grading system? That seems to be our teachers thoughts and most of the students seem to think so.
Students aren’t studying anymore because we are allowed to make it up and recive a 100%. One kid shouted out, “I just marked the scantron to look like a smiley face,” and then continued, “for the essay part I wrote the lyrics to a song.”
My peers and I sat there and heard a long talk from our teacher about how this wasn’t going to help us in college, and how this is the result of not studying and thinking we can just make up the test afterwards. Then she broke the news: redoing or correcting tests was going to be different.
Students will now have to complete 26 pages of notes and a study guide in order to start correcting their test. We also will only be allowed two enrichment halves to do so. We will now sit in rows, not tables, facing forwards, and must remain silent the whole time.
I guess it is fair, but only two halves of enrichment is not going to be enough time considering the highest grade in the class was a D.
So is the system really changing us all? Yes, it is.
I admit that I didn’t study because I’m just allowed to make it up, but this whole process isn’t worth it. It makes it so much harder on the teacher too. They are grading double the amount of test!
There are no redo’s in life so how is this system really preparing us for college and the real world?