Toxic internet users getting out of hand


Photo by Will Amos

I’ve talked to too many toxic people and I recommend that you stay away from them.

Will Amos, Online Editor

Throughout the years there have been more and more technological advancements giving more people the opportunity to go online. With so many people going online everyday it isn’t always a good thing.

There are a lot of people that use the internet for things like social media, to look up information, and games. There are good people and there are bad people, but most likely you’ll run into the worst.

If you don’t know what it means to be ‘toxic’ it is pretty much when you say bad things online just to get people mad or when you’re angry.

If you’ve ever been online in most game communities or even some social media groups there are a lot of good people, those that would help you when you have questions or recommend things to get better. Then you get the people who tell you that the things you’re asking are “easy” and you should “get good” or others that just yell at you for no apparent reason.

You could be playing a game and be beating someone and they get mad, you could be losing to someone and they tell you how bad you are at the game, you could have differing opinions with someone and they will end up arguing and yelling at you, it all leads to someone somehow having sex with your mother.

It’s unavoidable, and that’s what annoys me. I’m supposed to be having a good time on the internet, talking to friends and playing games and all of sudden this 12 year old who’s mad that they’re losing starts using profanities and making my time on the internet a whole lot worse.

The only reason someone would say things like that is because they’re behind the protection of their computer screen. Most people would have the common sense to not say the things I hear every day on the computer in real life so it’s annoying when I hear it countless times in a day.

If you see something like this just annoy it, just mute them, please. Just don’t fuel the fire. Dealing with toxic people is annoying and if you can avoid being one than that would be great.