Pre-shopping for Christmas

Emily McNicholas

As we get older, Christmas gifts seem to be harder to give. Instead of Santa dropping off a Barbie or Legos, parents struggle to find gifts that their child will actually like.

I hate knowing exactly what I’m unwrapping on Christmas morning. It defeats the whole surprise and Christmas morning excitement. On the other hand, what’s worse than getting a present that you don’t like? Seeing an ugly sweater that my mom thought I’d like and having to return is such a pain.

So do I pick out everything that I’m receiving or just pray that my mom will pick out something I like?

Black Friday shopping for yourself is always a blast, but coming home and turning over your new purchases to your parents to hold for Christmas is frustrating. Those new pair of shoes I got from DSW will have to stay in the box until Dec. 25.   I could be wearing them for a whole month before and be getting great use out of the shoes while they are in season.

Even on Black Friday the prices are still so expensive. I think they raise the normal price 50%, and then say take 40% off of that. I barley ended up buying anything because the deals are awful. Then once I find something I actually like, is it worth waiting in that 30 minute line to buy one item? Probably not.

Shopping for other people is terrible. I have no idea what they want. I really don’t want to spend my money either. Sorry. Thanks Dad for the money to by Mom a gift.

At least my friends and I do a Secret Santa instead of having to buy a gift for all of them. It’s a pretty good idea. Buying one gift for around 30 dollars for one of them is easy. They’ll even write down some present suggestions so I don’t have to do much thinking.

Trying to find a gift for a guy is even worse. Besides buying a vineyard shirt or a jersey for them, what am I supposed to get? Most of the time they are too embarrassed to admit they are a size medium because that’s too girly. So then I have to purchase a large shirt that doesn’t even fit them.

As I do my shopping this year, my intentions will be to get in and out of the mall as fast as possible and to not go broke.