Clownin’ Around

Lauren Litsinger

Clowns. They are everywhere; in neighborhoods, nature trails, and even in backyards. Usually one might not be threatened by someone dressed up in a stupid costume, but these aren’t just psychos looking to scare you. No, these freaks are chasing people them with knives, guns, and hatchets.

Clown sightings and attacks have been happening all over college campuses. One of the most widely known sightings was the sighting in Old Main at Penn State University. Students didn’t want to sit back and let the situation be. Instead a clown hunt was formed and students rallied all over campus. Even though no clowns were caught or even seen, the students took action, which is what should be happening around the U.S. I would like to be able to come home at night and walk into my house without worrying about a clown coming out of the woods and chasing me down.

Of course these clown sightings are happening around Halloween. People have talked about how they are going to dress up as clowns for the holiday and scare people. That is by far the stupidest idea somebody could have ever thought of. If college students went on a clown hunt during the middle of the night, imagine what parents are going to do if they see a clown going near their children.

My advice for those thinking it would be funny to dress up as a clown this year is to stay home. Don’t walk around the neighborhood or apartment building. Just stay in a room until you start to think straight. This incident by far is the scariest thing to happen in the U.S.

Let’s see what nightmares come true next.

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