Cuz’ it’s hot and it’s cold


Photo by: Julie Fleming

Lauren and I during spirit week, wearing long sleeves when the air conditioning was on.

Julie Fleming, Reporter

I shouldn’t be shivering in my classes on the first day of school and then desperately peeling off layers in the winter the second I step inside the school, but I do. Every year I might add.

During the summer it’s sweltering outside and I love to be out and about in my tank tops I get at surf shops on vacation, but the mix of them with school air conditioning in August is awful and I end up having to lug around a sweater all day.

On the other hand in the winter time in 15 degree weather as I’m scraping the ice off my windshield, cold enough to put on my snow pants, when I walk across that welcome mat, it’s like teleporting to the freaking Sahara Desert. I start to take off as much clothes as school appropriate, before I sweat enough to make another Nile River.

In addition the heat makes a poor learning environment. You can bet that if I’m sweating in class that there’s no way I am focused. First of all I feel gross, second of all I’m wondering if I’m starting to smell, then I’m praying that one of my friends will look up from their paper so I can ask them in our secret language, “Do I have sweat stains?” When the AC is on it’s the opposite, but I still can’t focus. Believe it or not it’s nearly impossible to write when you look like a T-rex with only your forearms making it out of your short-sleeve. When we have partner work you can be sure I’m sitting by the window frantically trying to generate heat and increase blood flow to my fingers.

Year round we should keep an average temperature around 70ish degrees so that I can avoid hypothermia and heat stroke in school. If we can get this worked out, I’ll be able to fashionably sport my tanks and sweaters during the proper seasons rather than the other way around. You hear that Dulaney, you don’t have it as good as you thought.