Getting heated about no air conditioning


Photo by Emily McNicholas

Bruce Hoosier (’19) and Ryder Fleischmann (’19) are wearing their shorts and light weight shirt. The boys were sweating like crazy in the unusual October heat.

Emily McNicholas

It’s Oct. 19 and it’s 80 degrees outside. But no worries, the heat has been turned on in the school already! Do they want me to pull back out my “short shorts” and tank tops? It’s way to hot in the school for students to be there and try to learn.

“I’ve already put away my summer clothes, and have broken out the fall boots, leggings, and sweaters,” Lindsey McNicholas (’18) said. “So now I have to go digging through my closet to try to find my flip-flops, and sun dresses. I don’t get it, it was freezing in the school a week ago, and now I can’t focus in class due to the overwhelming heat.”

As I walk into my classes, all I hear is everyone complaining about the unbearable heat; including teachers. All windows are open, and students sit there fanning themselves to keep up with the sweat.

When is it going to stop? Can they at least provide us with fans? Is it that hard to turn the heat off?

Assistant Principal John Billingslea warned the teachers and students to dress appropriately according to the weather over the announcements this afternoon. You can bet you’ll see me in shorts and tank top tomorrow; I might even bring a sweat rag, too.

The heat has even starting to play a role into learning throughout the day. As my head pounds, and I begin to feel weak, it becomes hard to focus. During the heat, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors took the PSAT.

Sitting in a testing room for four hours with about 28 other kids is not fun, but don’t forget that today we got to do it in a scorching hot room.

“I just started filling in random bubbles,” Megan Anzalone (’19) said. “The heat got to me, and it was way too steamy for me to concentrate.”

Schools without air-conditioning are closed when the weather outside is above 90 degrees, but what about when it’s 90 degrees inside?   I don’t see the big hassle with turning the heat off, and don’t understand why there are such strict regulations.

Although the October weather has been crazy, and the school couldn’t have seen this coming; they should be able to adapt to the change of the weather quickly. There shouldn’t be a set date to turn on the heat; it should be based off of the weather.

Either the heat needs to be turned off, or the weather outside needs to become cooler. We only have control over one of these things. So please, fix the heat problem or I won’t be at school sitting in the middle of that nasty body odor tomorrow.