Like a Child


Photo provided by Beth Wheatley

Sarah Wheatley

In these days it’s easy to get wrapped up in the world around you, but where is that getting you? Probably only stressed. Think back to when you were young, you were never worried about fashion trends or if Justin and Selena were still together. Life was so much simpler. Change your focus and it still can be.


Don’t worry about the talk of the town, it’ll be over by tomorrow. There’s so much gossip that goes around in high school, but it’s so day to day so don’t waste time getting caught up in it.

Have one color; be the same person in every situation, there’s no reason to be fake. You don’t need to form to the people around you, it ends up making you seem hypocritical and confused.

Blow it off, what other people do shouldn’t matter to you. People get irritated by small things like what others post or who they do or don’t snapchat.

Dress how you want to dress, in 20 years everyone is going to regret the trends they followed anyways. Don’t feel pressure to follow the trends you don’t like and don’t be afraid to wear things that aren’t trendy!

Be nice, there’s nothing appealing about being sassy and rude. People will put things like, “I probably don’t like you,” in their bios on social media or portray themselves as being standoffish. There’s nothing cool about that, not at all.

And finally, BE YOU. Because fitting in isn’t worth giving yourself up.