Emily Whines All the Time: Enrichment hassle needs solution


and Emily McNicholas

Enrichment is a full hour to eat lunch, study, do work, meet with a club, or just chill out and get a break from the busy day. However because teachers don’t let kids sign up or don’t offer enrichment on certain days I find myself having nowhere to go.

As soon as I get to school in the morning I have to worry about “signing up” somewhere. Not to mention I have to get to the school early enough to do so. It’s frustrating when a teacher only lets 15 students sign up and half of them just want to sit and chat while I have work to do. But the teacher isn’t in their room so I can’t even talk to them about it.

At least I get a good work out from running around the whole school in the morning trying to find somewhere my friends and I can sign up together. NOT. Teachers will sometimes only let their students sign up. Then I’m stuck for the full hour by myself.

What if your friend comes in late? Teachers don’t let us sign up our friends, so then the one person is stuck in the lunch room by themselves.

Instead of being in a teacher’s room with my friends, my time is wasted sitting in the auditorium. Students sit there “doing school related things” on their phone. Which by the way isn’t true at all. From looking around on the days where I have to sit in the auditorium students do anything but academic things on their phone.

So my friends and I thought of a solution: an app on your phone where you can sign up or see if you are already signed up somewhere. The app would let teachers open sign ups to just club members or even their students only if they truly desire. There would be a reasonable max they can put on how many people can sign up in their room too. The best part is students wouldn’t have to search the school for who has enrichment. Students could also change where they sign up if they want, because say you didn’t finish your test and want to stay after, you can simply change the room you will be staying in.