OPINION: Hogan Insipres Talk


This morning I woke to a buzz of excitement from my parents, and I knew that Larry Hogan had won the election for Governor of Maryland. All that has been on the news lately is the elections, and I cannot tell you how happy I am that they are finally over.

I was surprised when Hogan won office because Maryland is such a blue state. Maryland hasn’t seen a Republican in office since Erlich in 2006.

When I asked people about the results, I received divided opinions.

“I didn’t vote for [Hogan],” said Mike Brown, a substitute teacher. “I am a product of my time and as such I believe the purpose of government is to do what the populace can’t.”

Apparently the last ditch efforts of Brown didn’t change the opinions that people held; many believed that he was getting nothing done in office.

“I’m glad there is going to be gridlock,” said Ben Fizer (’15), who is pleased with the results.

I think that people voted for Hogan because he is a business owner and proposes changes that will benefit other small businesses. So the war for the election is over, and now we have to wait to see what Hogan accomplishes as Governor of Maryland.