Don’t Be Tardy

Class is supposed to end at 2:15, and even though the bell rings at that time students are held in their class until all of the buses arrive. Coming from the middle school to the high school seems to be an inconvenience for the upperclassman. Not everyone rides the bus and kids have places to be, whether it’s practice or work. This problem is annoying students because they would like to leave when the time comes. Although efforts have been made to fix this, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The fix is simple- the buses need to be here by 2:15 so that the schedules of many do not get messed up. Not only is this inconveniencing students but teachers as well, they are responsible for the students that are getting held in their classroom. Just like the students, teachers have to stay until a specific time yet this time gets messed up due to tardy buses. This is a problem that everybody is hoping the administration can fix, and with any luck, they can.