Baltimore riots cancel school trip

Powered by Me trip postponed

Coach Evans and some of his students were scheduled to attend a large conference on a field trip called “Powered By Me,” on Thursday, April 30, 2015. Due to the riots in Baltimore, several city schools decided to back out of going on the trip. Because of the lack of schools attending the event, the whole conference will now be postponed to a later date.

About 600 student athletes were going to represent schools from all over Maryland in Timonium at the University of Maryland St. Joesph Medical Center.

The students were planning on leaving at 7:15 am and returning to Hereford at around 1:45 pm.

“I do think it was necessary to postpone it because it’s not fair to the kids who couldn’t go, due to the issues in Baltimore City, to not be able to listen to the speeches and take those messages back to share with other people in their schools, which is the whole purpose of the trip,” said Amanda Bitters (’18), who is going to attend the trip.

The students were looking forward to discussing current events and issues dealing with topics such as drug abuse, eating disorders, domestic violence, and proper nutrition.

“It introduces student athlete leaders to some important topics affecting teens today,” said Coach Evans. Students will take part in group discussions and breakout sessions. They will gather information to bring back to their peers.