Chris Rose nominated BCPS Teacher of the Year


Chris Rose engages play members in a lesson about proper techniques when acting. Members preformed the two plays “Property Rights” and ‘A Night of Mystery.”

Theater and Speech teacher, Chris Rose has recently been nominated for the BCPS Teacher of the Year Award. Rose is among the few teachers who reached the top seven of the nominees. The nomination was presented by Charles Herndon, The Communications Specialist of the Communications Office of BCPS.

“It was totally unexpected,” said Rose. “I thought for sure I wouldn’t be picked, but I was, so I feel great.”

Unlike Rose, many of his students had confidence for him.

“He’s more entertaining and he’s more enthusiastic with things, and because he’s a speech teacher, he knows how to properly engage the audience and his students, so I believe that he will win,” said Carter Frazier (’18), a speech student.

In order to receive the award, teachers must submit a form to a committee that asks questions about them. The requirements to get nominated, however, are quite simple.

“The only qualification you have to have is to be respected by your peers and gain the principal’s trust and confidence,” said Rose.

Rose is also an influence to students outside the classroom in the International Thespian Society (ITS). He is the director of the many plays showcased by Hereford students.

Jake Rayburn (’15), an ITS officer, said, “He likes to stay apart of the happenings of younger generations and because of that, he is able to relate with us as a person.”

Others, such as Michael Landry (’15), another ITS member, would agree with Jake.

“Working with him in theater helps me feel free to be who I am. He’s a fun teacher to work with and an easier person to work with,” said Michael.

Students would say Rose has many unique teaching techniques that helps him connect with students like Carter and Michael.

“My favorite part about teaching is involving students in things they’ve never done before and showing them creative alternatives to things that they may not have seen before,” said Rose.

Students, such as Andrew Ferguson (’18), a speech student, find this technique beneficial in class. “I think it’s his energy. His enthusiasm for what he teaches and his love for what he does is what separates him from other teachers,” said Andrew.

To stay updated with the results of the award, go on the “Teacher of the Year” page of the BCPS website.