Winter Concert fills halls with Christmas Spirit

The Winter Concert occurred on Friday December 12. There were performances by Chamber Choir, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble and Orchestra.

 The auditorium was filled with students from all grades, during the performances. The lights were off in the auditorium and the spotlights were shining on the stage.

 All the guys wore black tuxedos with a white shirts and black bowties. All the girls wore black tops and black pants or a long black dress.

The Chamber Choir featured pieces in Latin, Russian, and English. They preformed the “National Anthem”, “Down in the river to pray”, “And the glory of the lord”, “Deck the halls”.

 Austin Schaffer (’15) and Suzanne Stuller(’15) sang in the Chamber Choir, Austin also played piano.

Before the concert, “It will be as beautiful as baby Jesus in the manger,” said Austin Schaffer.

 The Concert band and Orchestra were directed by Janet Sovich, the music department chair. The chamber choir was directed by David Sobel.

 Sobel said the concert was successful, he says “that success is determined by the fun the performers have.”

The students were dismissed from class to see the performances. Robert Aitken said he was glad that we miss class to see the concert because the kids really like it.