New school year brings new beginnings to students

This school year may have been a great one, but next year things will be different. With better equipped classes for students and changes in the faculty/staff. So what are you most looking forward to? Air conditioning or maybe a brand new teacher?

“I’m excited to graduate and do better things with my life,” said Peyton Funk (11).

Some may say senior year is the most difficult from countless college applications to worrying about being accepted to a dream college. To others it may be a breeze and maybe even a joke. Underclassman may be wondering if they can even get to senior year without pulling out all their hair.

“I’m looking forward to leaving early and becoming more independent,” said Marina Schlimme (11).

With the upcoming sophomores no longer fresh meat, they are excited about not being the underdogs and being a little higher in the food chain.

Karlynn Brent (9) said, she is most looking forward to “not being a freshman anymore.”

With a shift in students, teams might see some new talent. We won’t know the strengths of the oncoming freshman until we see them on the field, track, and court. We also won’t know the dedication of the upperclassmen when it comes to their hard work for the new sports year, but there is still plenty to look forward to.

“I’m mostly looking forward to a new basketball season and brand new uniforms,” said Unique Brooks (10).