Schedule – Final Exams for Seniors – 13/14 School Year

Tuesday – May 20 – A DAY                         Last Day for Senior classes. Seniors should continue to attend school during exam week. Non exam periods should be used as review classes.  School attendance will be taken.
Wednesday – May 21 – B  DAY      Period 1 and Period 6 Exam
Thursday  –   May 22  – A  DAY                   Period 2 or Period 2A and Period 5 or
Period 5A Exam
Teachers arrange to give their own
 makeup exams for missed Wednesday exams
Friday   –     May  23 –   B  DAY                    Period 2B Exam or Period 5B Exam
Teachers arrange to give their own
makeup exams for missed Thursday exams.
All senior exams must be completed. 
Tuesday – May 27 – Wednesday – May 28                       
Senior Grades should be processed for report cards. All senior grades must be entered in
STARS by Wednesday, May 28, 1pm.
Thursday – May 29                           (Graduation Rehearsal (morning – in gym) / Senior Picnic (follows) / Awards Assembly- auditorium