Our View: New Year’s resolutions make for better decisions

A new year means renewal, a time to clean that slate of guilt that has been weighing you down for a year. It also means New Year’s resolutions, those promises to better yourself.

Some people think that they are encouraging to people who need a little push. “They’re inspirational,” said Caylee Morgan (11).

Many people think that New Year’s resolutions are a good way to start over, and they are, but sometimes they get tiring.“At about the end of January the excitement fades off,” said Nathaniel Whiteley (12).

A resolution can be anything you want; the most common ideas are losing weight and eating healthy. But some can be obscure, such as not using swear words or biting your nails. Going through with a resolution depends on the kind of person you are. But don’t be discouraged if you decide you can’t complete your resolution anymore or accidently fall off the wagon, they are designed to help you become a better person and develop good habits, not to make you feel bad about yourself.

Many people feel that New Year’s resolutions are a good idea, because they give you something to think about. “I think it’s a great idea, it gives people something to look forward to and work towards,” said Nick Inglisa (12).

Overall New Year’s resolutions are a good thing, when the expectations aren’t too high. So promise yourself that you’ll lose those five pounds, or stop eating red meat, because, even if you don’t succeed in following through on what you promised, it’s the fact that you are trying to better yourself that counts.